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August long… September 21, 2009

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great August long weeknd!!!

While my husband busied himself with chores for the Lions pancake breaskfast to be held in conjuction with Keremeos’s Kars under the K car show-August 2-, I considered how easily the dogs could be overlooked throughout the coming weekend. Everybody had something to do it seemed.
Easily solved.
Post-arrival at Memorial Park, I cheerfully accomplished any duties set out for me. On the first trip back to the house of many that would be made throughout that day I brought Pepsi, the two year old white Boxer, back to the park with me. The little community park was quite busy still, I would wait until there was a little bit more room before bringing out the Great Danes.
I walked around with Pepsi, watching her head tilt in curiousity at the different sounds and smells. My daughter took the dog out on an 11 year old’s adventure.  Pepsi enjoys being included in anything. Eventually it got too hot for her so I took her home and got Torque, our six year old Great Dane.
Torque was gentle and respectful – like usual.
Then it was Molson’s turn, our 5 year old Great Dane.
He was ambitious, obedient and alot of fun to be around – like usual.
Most people that I paid any attention to seemed amused by the unusual size of my canine companions.
The fatigue caused by the planning and execution of this one day makes the memory of the rest of the weekend nothing more than a blur.


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