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Gone Swimming September 21, 2009

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Yesterday was so warm that a layer of sweat formed around my body the moment I walked outside the door. To hot to take the dogs for a walk but they looked as though they would like to go to the river. My daughter and her friend wanted to go as well so the six of us hopped in the Jeep. At my friend’s house near the river we also collected their puppy to have some fun with our puppies. After resqueezing ourselves into the Jeep we finished our short journey.

The dogs ran and played. Molson swam – tried anyways. I got my daughter, about 50 lbs. lighter than the dog, to help him make it to safety before he became exhausted. Torque, Pepsi, and the other pup enjoyed the freedom of streching out and running uninterrupted. One of them would cut off the other and they would all trip up and soon I would see nothing but blowing sand.

The girls built a beautiful sand castle about ten times because the dogs would run right through their building materials. Maybe we’ll go back tomorrow:)


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