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Stretching out the Legs… September 21, 2009

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stretching out the legs…

Tonight went well when we took the dogs out. We waited until after eight to go for a walk because it was too warm out earlier. With no words spoken, I retrieved the leashes and each of the three dogs sat. The two Great Danes and the Boxer waited patiently as I clipped the leashes to their collars. My husband and I walked briskly (that’s the best way to walk with big dogs) on our usual route, after nearly twenty minutes we came to a large feild. The dogs all knew that they would soon be able to frolick freely but until permission is given, obedience is a must. Once the word was given the dogs reminded me of race horses;  long, smooth, ever reaching strides, leaving little divots in the grass where their paws once held the weight of their body. When darkness fell upon us getting home became priority. First we were called over to chat with the neighbors who had some family from out of town sitting outside with them. I came close to chuckling when they commented on Molson’s size. Now the dogs are all curled up, sleeping contently. I reckon I should go do the same:)


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