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More Adventures October 26, 2009

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Late this morning I took Molson, Torque and Pepsi out for a reasonably familiar walk, or so we all thought. About five minutes into the walk I started leading the dogs along a route different from our usual. Where is Mom taking us? Maybe to play? Maybe new friends? Surely something great!! The dogs were prancing with anticipation.
I was taking them to meet and play with a new friend, a female Great Dane named Sky. Sky, in earlier times, had been attacked by two large dogs so I thought it might be nice for her to meet my two, and I say this proudly, Gentlemen.
Sky and Molson ran laps around the back yard at speeds typically reserved for cheetahs and when they tired, Torque would nuzzle his muzzle against her glimmering black exterior. She would return the favor.
Pepsi was just happy to be out, paying no heed to the other massive dogs, she ran aimlessly.
Following their playtime, we all went into the kitchen of the home where Sky lives. Her Mom asked me if she could hand my dogs treats at which point I chuckled and said, you can try. They don’t usually take treats from strangers. All four dogs sat patiently as the healthy treats were doled out one at a time. Each of them took a treat, chewed it up, and then they all rotated to the right and cleaned up the crumbs from the previous dog. It was a perfect outing and so we are planning to get together more often.


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    love reading about your adventures! 🙂

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