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Common Misconception November 20, 2009

Filed under: Great Danes — hannahcrx @ 12:09
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“Great Danes are nice but they need a lot of room.” Personally I have lost count of how many Danes have been through this house, some were here only for short times. We have had up to 5 in the house at once, some were pups (young Great Danes should not be exercised extensively) but our house is less than 1000 square feet, our yard is less than a quarter of an acre. At this point I have two grown Great Danes and a Boxer. Our space is sufficient for this. More than exercise, more than space, a Great Dane needs love. They are VERY sensitive dogs and if handled with a harsh hand they will, of course, lash out. Probably the worst case scenario, they will become introverted and scared, fear that may lead to aggression. Socialization, as with any dog, is important maybe even more so with Danes as my own personal theory is that if the dog does not have a calm demeanor, the fear emitted from others transfers to the dog and soon you have an ugly situation. A daily walk, something to stimulate their mind, will suffice as far as exercise goes. These lovable, touchable, hugable dogs are happy to just chill out with their human counterparts.


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