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What’s That Smell? April 21, 2010

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That was the question we asked of our friends this past Friday night, we knew the answer but were in a strange sort of denial.  Our little white Boxer crawled and ran at the same time into the carport, she was sort of whimpering but was still able to jump on the door handle to open it.  We were all certain as Pepsi passed by that she had indeed been sprayed by a skunk…..

We laughed.  What else can you do?

Later that night I dug into my dwindling assortment of dog supplies.  Eventually I grabbed a spray bottle containing all natural green tea and mint waterless pet shampoo.  This job required water no matter what the bottle claimed.

Pepsi is only about 60 lbs. so I easily tossed her in the shower with me.  The rancid skunk fumes were overwhelming in the confined space of the shower.  I pointed the shower head directly at her because her head was down and her ears were protecting themselves.  Not a good idea at all to spray water into a dogs ears.

I had my doubts about this shampoo but Pepsi enjoyed the motions I made with my hands on her body so I continued and soon there was a nice lather.  Worked like a charm.

A week ago this past Sunday Molson left town for his responsibly planned date.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.  We’ve all been missing him terribly.  Tonight we got him back.  When he first saw us he just ran in circles looking like a mechanical carousel horse.  By the time Andy, Bec, Molson, and myself were confined in the space of our vehicle we were all certain that he enjoyed his roll in the hay, so to speak.  I didn’t even want to consider the original source of the various ‘stains’ on his body!

This was also a job big enough to need water but I am not physically able to toss him in the shower.  Nearly out of the other shampoo so I dug up some pure tea tree oil and diluted it in a bucket of warm water.  We went outside.  I put a dish towel into the bucket and placed the dripping towel onto his back first and gently rubbed his body, rinsing the towel often.  Of course he was dripping wet so I took a shedding tool and removed the excess water while cleaning his sleek coat on an even deeper level.  I say this because it stimulates the skin which promotes the secretion – I think that’s the right word- of natural oils.  Then I rubbed him vigorously with a towel.  Worked like a charm.

Surely there will be more offensive smells in the future but for now all unwanted odors have been dealt with.


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