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Character Development October 23, 2009

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An intact male Great Dane, he is mostly white with dapples of black scattered unevenly over his body – this coloring is known as harlequin. He is tall and sleek with cropped ears. Not really energetic unless his leash is involved and even when we’re out on a walk he will shy away from any vehicle that is loud. He lives a pretty cushy life with his brother and sister in our small home. While many people come and go from our home the only time he gets upset is when there is a confrontation between people.


More about The Meeting of The Danes September 28, 2009

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When Molson first saw the beautiful  female Great Dane dog he assumed the play position with his front legs outstretched.  Molson pranced around and sniffed at her.  The female soon started  backing into him and eventually was mounted properly, locking for about 20 minutes.  //later//I snapped the leash back on Molson’s collar while preparing to leave, once fastened I merely draped the leash over my fingers.  Suddenly the bitch came between my dog’s neck and my hand with her mouth open.  She snatched the leash from my hand but Molson dug in his heels, so to speak, when she tried to lead him away.  Finally the younger, more tenacious  Great Dane would have her way and Molson would follow.


Molson Met His Lady

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Andy and I  took Molson to meet his mate to be.  Shortly after being introduce he mounted her.  They weren’t locked for long but I’m wanting to get as much good stuff (proteins, omegas…) into him as I can before Tuesday when we will go back and let them have at it again.


Positive Parenting September 26, 2009

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Yesterday was a beautiful day in every aspect. We wanted to see the end of the baseball tournament. My husband was busy with helping out with anything he could while I was surrounded by a variety of people with a common interest, happy and wonderful people. My youngest daughter,11, was helping other young mothers with their infants and toddlers. She had her hands full, quite literally as she was calming tired babies and eventually putting them to sleep. My oldest girl !16! bought me a cheeseburger that I had planned to save half of for my youngest. When she saw me enjoying it she wouldn’t take it but I tricked her into taking it. At one point I got to chat with some friends’ friends from Quebec. Shortly after the last game was played and the park had been cleaned up we headed home with some good friends and ordered some pizza, ate and then we just chilled. What a nice day!


Friday, August 21, 2009

I am blessed…

I am blessed for the beautiful family that I have. Yeah sure, we all get on each other’s nerves once in awhile, especially now that I’m laid up from surgery and they all get to share my household duties. I am told not to do anything. It’s really wonderful to know that they are so willing to help out. I really should be enjoying my time off. ‘Should’ being the operative word here. I think I am going crazy. Three more weeks. That’s what I’ve got to keep telling myself. My husband is taking care of dinner and employing our girls occasionally with culinary tasks. I don’t want to go into the kitchen for fear I might get in the way. Nope, can’t do that; I’m not supposed to do anything. If I said that to you face to face you would hear the sarcasm in my voice. Anyway, dinner smells SCRUMPTUOUS!! Ciao for now:) Deb (:
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Hanging with my daughter,

I just sat and watched a segment of the show, 16 and Prenant, on MTV with my 16 year old daughter. Throughout the pregnant girl’s experience my daughter kept snickering because the girl was being a crybaby.

She has seen me go through similar distress as well as many other painful issues with grace. I have tried to show my kids, through my own eperiences the amazing power of the human body and mind.

I am hoping that if I instill in them that pain and discomfort are only as much an inconvenience as you let them be, it will become a truth for them. We, humans, are constructed in such a way that recovery is actually an involuntary act.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 10 year old’s novel study:

In my book I can easily relate Amy the main character to my mom, for many reasons. A couple of the reasons are well both my mom and Amy grew up on a farm, both are understanding and both can keep promises when something needs to be kept secret. They both have passion for animals and grew up around many different animals. Their personalities trust worthy and both are a good listener, sure neither of them are perfect but both are special their lovable by anyone! Each of them have a big resposibility and both try their hardest to keep everyone around them happy, but it doesn’t always work. Even when times get rough they stick up for the person that’s misunderstood but try to explain to the one that is judging so they can understand better. They treat others as they want to be treated, and are the ones I would want every day and any day!

Rebecca Webb
Gr.5 S.E.S.S
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Friday, August 14, 2009


There you will find six ways to destress at work. I recommend this not so much because I appreciate the writing, I didn’t even read the whole thing. I don’t really need to because I’m not stressed.

Stress is, for perhaps most people, equivalent in toxicity to cocaine.

Many people will create their own without realising.

It can begin endings of health, romance, and eventually existence.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You could subscribe to this blog- warning- I AM A BINGE BLOGGER. I will share with you some things I do to NOT let stress take over my life in my coming posts.
But for now I will go lay down as I had a kidney taken out just four days ago, returned home about four hours ago.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Legacy

I love my kids. Each child is connected to some of my best and some of my worst times in the neverending quest to be the perfect parent. That is, after all, what most of us aim for in the beginning. A few years go by and the novelty starts to wear off. Seriously though, if you can forget how you were raised – if you were unhappy as a child – or embrace and instill it on the other end of the spectrum, you will be able to look at the end product and say, “Yeah, I did that!”

I know that each of my children carries a piece of my spirit within themselves. They are my legacy.
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T’is the Season:)

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A lady with a female Great Dane in season is wanting Molson, one of my boys, to sire a litter of pups with her bitch.  We live in close vicinity to one another so next week Molson and I will travel a short distance for booty calls.  I’m sure we will have plenty of adventures that I will share in this blog.  TTFN


SAVE A DOG! September 22, 2009

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Save-a-Dog Facebook application: a cause app to help shelter dogs and rescue puppiesDon’t have the time, patience, maybe no room for a dog but still want to help?  That is okay, this is a fun way of helping out and showing that you care.

If you are ready for the super selfless task of adopting one of these great dogs and are prepared for the responsibility that comes with dog ownership you can do that too.


Add your own ending to this: September 21, 2009

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Morning at The Beach

The river, actually.

My friend, Stefan, and I took the dogs to the river around 9 this morning. We walked over over drift wood left from earlier in the year when the Similkameen river raged over the earth below us. The edgeless rocks slowly became overtaken by the silty sand that is the only evidence of the waterway.
Expecting them to have just gone farther down the river, we became frantic when it seemed they were nowhere.  Maybe not frantic, but you get the idea.  I went back towards the Jeep, calling the dogs, while Stefan went further down the river. He was suddenly in a maze of unfamiliar foliage. Disoriented, tangled, blinded by leaves, he could here the eerily rhythmic footfalls of the large dogs but had no visual confirmation of their whereabouts. As though 120 pounds of white was pulled tight in a slingshot and released in Stefan’s direction, Torque ripped by him…