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Webbdog Adventures September 18, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Boy is HOME!!

What a lovely day.
Last week my Great Dane Stud dog, Molson, travelled in the car with my husband and I to Barriere to pick up our youngest daughter from Girls Love Horses horse camp.
After the wind-up show that was put on by the attendees of the camp we travelled to Vernon to drop off Molson for “studding purposes”. He was left there for a full week to ensure natural procreation.
We picked up our dog from the gentleman that owned his Grandfather, a Great Dane Breeder, just outside of Kamloops today. How he ended up there is another story for another time.
Hubby, youngest daughter, my quite large Great Dane, and myself piled into our family car, ate fast food, laughed, sang, slept, and drove for over six hours. The dog was only there for the last three.
I will carry on with this story tomorrow. Simply too tired am I.

Posted by Deb at 11:33 PM


One Response to “Webbdog Adventures”

  1. joan charbonneau Says:

    Good Job Deb

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